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Places: I LOVE to travel! We have been to so many interesting places – Israel, Italy, France, South America, the Caribbean, South Africa, Jupiter Florida, but my favourite of all is Italy. One day my dream is to live for a month in a small town somewhere in Italy and live the Italian lifestyle. (Piazza Navona would be amazing!). My grandparents are from Racalmuto, Sicily. Love that island!


Books: Reading is a passion of mine. I always have several books on the go at once, from inspirational books for personal growth, to murder mysteries, or even fiction written generations ago by writers like Wilkie Collins.

I devour books on health and nutrition, as it truly is a passion of mine. As a confirmed ‘foodie’, I love Giada DiLaurentis, Gordon Ramsay, David Rocco, Nigella Lawson and lately – Ree Drummond the Pioneer Woman!

I think I have every book Alexandra Stoddard has ever written, and she is one of the few authors I will actually re-read.

My all time favourite, mindless fiction book? Probably ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne Du Maurier.

Recently I have enjoyed ‘The Walk’ series (5 short books) by Richard Paul Evans.


Hobbies: Two things I enjoy doing at this stage in life – golfing and biking. I’ve been in a women’s golf league for about a decade, and last year we bought bikes and took up biking. Love it!


Meaningless Trivia: Bob and I love searching out cafes. Our goal in any city is to find the perfect cappuccino and croissant. Right now, the best coffee is St. Eustachio’s in Rome and the best croissant is from Blue Provence in Palm Beach, Florida. Best tea – Cape Town, South Africa by far!

Another bit of trivia -- my Irish grandmother was booked on the Titanic when she immigrated over to Canada, but was bumped at the last minute by a rich person!!!


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