Sheila Heyes


Places: Our family tries to get away every year during vacation. My favourite spots are warm climates - especially in the winter. I enjoyed visiting Aruba, California, Northern Ontario and Cape Town, South Africa.

What’s on my iPod: Hillsong, Passion, Starfield, Avalon, Michael W. Smith, Casting Crowns and the rich vocals of several gospel artists and groups. Music has always been a major part of my life. The Irish meaning of my name is “Lover of Music”.

Books: Anything associated with worship and music including: Exploring Worship, Extravagant Worship, Rebirth of Music. I also love Tale of Three Kings, Fourth Dimension, The Blessed Life and anything to do with decorating.

Hobbies: I enjoy changing things up in home décor. Golf has become quite the interest, although I’m lousy at it. I love hooking up with friends for coffee and shopping. Songwriting has always been a passion which I have been doing more of lately.

Odd Facts: My husband makes me laugh until I cry. I was supposed to die as a baby but was miraculously healed (my husband and son are also miracle babies!). I sang in a gospel group for years before I was married and recorded 2 CDs. I wrote a song to my husband and sang it to him on our wedding day. I don’t like to cook AND I love shoes.

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