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Women today face so many different pressures in life: how to balance work, home, family, marriage, friendships, schooling, etc. Sometimes we feel like multi-tasking overload! 

Our women's ministry, called Real Women, is designed to offer support, encouragement and practical teaching on subjects relevant to women. We have bi-monthly meetings where we come together to be inspired by real women sharing their real stories. In addition, we have small group meetings throughout the city (C Groups) on various dates and times, and our popular Annual Real Women Breakfast in the fall.

Take a moment and read the stories below of real women, who faced real life crises, and found the One who offers hope and life.

To get plugged into a small group or for more information, please contact us.

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Just Open the Door
by Jen Schmidt

This is a wonderful, very readable book, encouraging us to open our hearts and our home to others.  Jen shares how lives are transformed when believers take a step and open up their home — as imperfect as it is.You will be challenged and inspired to reach out beyond your own household, and see what amazing things can happen when you do.Jen believes a generation will be transformed, if we will just open up our homes.I highly recommend this book!


Personal life stories from women -  just like you, who have experienced first-hand that God changes lives, gives hope and brings freedom.


Kaitlyn's Story

My story starts back to when I was 16 yrs old, a girl who was always amongst the ‘in crowd’ and always around many friends, and boyfriends - Yet, constantly feeling lonely, and unaccepted.

I grew up going to church occasionally, but never truly knew or understood what it was like to have a saviour and be free. At 17 yrs old,  I met a guy who seemed well mannered and tailored, but soon found out of his secret love for drugs and pornography. Even though I knew these things were horrible, my innocence was gone, and I felt stuck. Feeling the need to keep up with what he was looking at, I became anorexic.  Having a warped concept as to how my body should look, my self esteem took a plunge. A long 3-year battle began of not eating, and feeling even more lonely.

There was a girl I worked with, who always had a bright perspective and was always full of joy. I was curious as to what she had in her life to protrude such joy. She told me about Jesus Christ, and how He saves. That day I accepted Jesus in my heart. A day I will never forget. I felt almost instantly a feeling of love and acceptance. A once lonely girl, now felt a sense of purpose and joy!

I started to grow in a walk with God. He helped me change my mindset of how I viewed my body, and how He had a big plan for my life. After being treated so poorly by guys in the past, I trusted God to bring me a husband who loved HIM first.  I knew that if my husband loved Jesus, he would treat me properly. God did bring me a gift - a husband who loves Jesus and desires us to walk with Him!

Soon into our marriage, I knew something was wrong inside my body, it wasn’t functioning the way it should. Many tests, many Doctors, and even two operations later, we were told we might not have children! The exact words I dreaded to hear all my life. Hearing the one thing that you desire the most might not happen, is devastating. We chose to stand on the word of God, His truth and His promises!.  Through many trials, much prayer, and continued perseverance, my husband and I now have FOUR amazing children - Miracles really. 

God’s hand has always been upon me, even when I was far away from Him. He brought me through loneliness, anorexia and infertility, and He continues to amaze me at His life-giving goodness. He has changed my life, and He never fails! My heart is His.


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